What we do

We build stronger businesses through branding, websites, campaigns and communication.

Brand strategy

We are strategic thinkers and doers. Our Valiant Value Realisation methodology, years in the making, builds an informed, intelligent brand framework for our clients.

Immersive workshops

Discovery workshops are our deep dive into the heart of your business. We learn everything we need to help you achieve your goals.

Insights + research

There’s no strategy without insight. Research provides the data, numbers and validation we need to make informed, strategic decisions.

Vision, mission + values

Putting employees at the heart of value definition can transform your business. And articulating your “what, how and why” is vital.


Defining your position in the market is essential to achieve the competitive advantage you need to meet your targets.

Brand architecture

A strategically defined system and structure is essential for organisations with sub-brands or silos to succeed.


Whether you’re naming a new business, adding a sub-brand or launching a new product or service, a compelling name is crucial.

Brand identity

With a strategic brand proposition developed and defined, it’s time to create a transformational visual identity that represents your organisation to its very core.

Visual identity

Make a bold impact and stand out in your sector. A confident and considered brand is a serious competitive advantage.

Brand application

Wherever your audiences and whatever your routes to market, we are experts in brand rollout and application.

Guidelines + toolkits

With distributed companies and remote workforces, it’s never been more important to give teams the tools and guidance they need.

Employer brand

A meaningful internal identity and messaging can build a stronger, more resilient business - fuelled by engaged employees.

Motion design + video

Motion is an exciting and effective tool for engagement, while branded video adds personality and drives conversion.


Identity is more than just design. Photography brings products and teams to life and adds a tangible, authentic dimension to a brand.

Digital and technical

We are experts at execution, designing and developing customer-focused experiences across web, ecommerce, and digital marketing.

Digital strategy

It’s important to utilise the best tools for the job. Digital strategy focuses on defining the right technology to improve business performance.

UX and UI design

A user-focused experience drives engagement, accessibility and ensures a clear and consistent brand experience for all.

Web development

An effective online presence is essential for business, building trust and delivering your proposition to prospects on the best platform.

Portal systems

Our portals are an ideal replacement for legacy intranet systems. They're perfect for managing assets and developing distributor performance.

Digital campaigns

There’s no better way to promote your proposition. Digital campaigns are designed to amplify awareness and elevate engagement.


We collaborate with proven partners for high performing, ethical SEO and PPC.

Campaigns and communications

Once we've got to know your organisation deeply, we love to use that knowledge to produce the campaigns and content required, to continually meet your commercial targets. Keeping you ahead of your competition is our goal.


Each campaign we deliver connects your content with your audiences. They will raise awareness and generate leads.

Brand guardianship

Brand consistency is critical to recognition and awareness. Our guardianship will protect your investment and guide future developments.

Ongoing marketing

Growth is fuelled by sales and marketing. An insights-led strategy and plan, implemented well, keeps your proposition front of mind.

Thought leadership content

Engaging decision makers now and in the future is reliant on a steady stream of considered content. We'll help you elevate your expertise.

Reports + publications

From ESG and CSR Impact Reports to scientific whitepapers, it’s important that even the most technical of documents look and feel the part.

Product launch

New products and services are exciting opportunities to get in front of existing and prospective customers.

The Valiant Value RealisationTM methodology is underpinned with a perfect blend of data, insight building and analysis all mapped against your business objectives and vision.

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Our proven methodology ensures you get the most value out of your branding transformation – commercial success, increased employee engagement and growth opportunities.

Our brand strategy approach is underpinned with a perfect blend of data capture, insight building and analysis all mapped against your business objectives and vision. This process has delivered, on average,  +9.1% over forecast revenues for our clients.

That’s how we build stronger brands.


In the realm of branding, the “Science” aspect of our Valiant Value Realisation™ methodology forms the analytical backbone of our approach. It relies on rigorous market research and in-depth data analysis to uncover actionable insights. By evaluating competitors, interviewing stakeholders, surveying employees, and conducting thorough digital audits, we ensure that every strategic decision is grounded in concrete data. This structured approach to understanding the marketplace and consumer behaviour ensures that our clients’ branding strategies are not just creative but also analytically sound and business-focused.

Market research
Data analysis
Insight gathering
Competitor analysis
Stakeholder interviews
Employee surveys
Digital audit


The “Emotion” component of our Valiant Value Realisation™ methodology speaks to the heart of branding. It encompasses the human elements that foster deep connections between brands and their audiences. Through focus groups, we capture the sentiments and perspectives that are not always visible in data. By defining and embodying the client’s vision and values, we craft a narrative that resonates on a more personal level. Semiotic analysis, customer and employee engagement initiatives, and empowering values ambassadors all serve to evoke a sense of belonging and loyalty, making the brand experience truly relatable and memorable.

Focus groups
Vision + values
Customer engagement
Employee engagement
Values ambassador

Value realisation methodology
Value realisation methodology

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We work with businesses to...

  • Define your brand values, objectives and key messages
  • Evaluate, reposition or refresh your brand
  • Engage, motivate and educate employees
  • Identify and surpass competitors
  • Create and maintain brand consistency
  • Launch a new business, product or service
  • Introduce your brand to a new market
  • Build brand value before an acquisition or merger
  • Rebrand following an acquisition or merger

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