The Wombles Community.

The original sustainability heroes are back. And they deserve an engaging community website to help them inspire change.

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"Thank you to the brilliant team over at Valiant for nearly two years of hard work!"

Sasha Treharne. Community Executive

Giving Great Uncle Bulgaria and his furry family a contemporary digital presence to manage their Wombling assets

Are you old enough to remember the Wombles from the first time round? As sustainable recycling furry heroes, the Wombles have been brought back to life to inspire a new generation. The new team behind the Wombles Community recognised the need to educate children about sustainability in a more engaging way. Additionally they wanted a centralised site to bring communities together to make their local environments a better, cleaner space. Critically, they needed the functionality to be able to distribute their branded assets to support communities and schools, while carefully managing their intellectual property.

That’s when Valiant came in to help build a new easy to update website with some specific IP community functionality that was lacking in their original Squarespace site. A powerful platform from which The Wombles can now promote their sustainable message and protect their valuable assets.

We designed and delivered a custom WordPress website for The Wombles to promote and build sustainable communities and educate children on their environment. The visible front end of the site guides, educates and engages users on The Wombles’ current proposition and impact. It’s the backend purpose-built portal where the important functionality happens. It’s an easy to use platform which unlocks access to Wombles assets, dependent on your user role. If you are a community leader you will have access to trademarked Wombles material to help you gather your local community and promote it locally. If you are part of a community, you can access fewer materials but still enough to help show off your Wombling credentials. And finally schools can access lesson plans and brilliantly engaging content to teach our youngsters more about the world they live in and how they can look after it.

When any user goes through the automated sign up process, they are taken through a comprehensive legal IP document which they have to agree to before accessing everything. Having spent years getting all of the Wombles assets protected, this is a critical part of the distribution. Now, all signed up users can easily access their relevant Wombles materials and use intuitive search filters to find specific items to download. And the Wombles team can see which users are most active, what they’re downloading and which content is most engaging. A comprehensive and protected platform to grow the Wombles Community to benefit our environment.

Key results

  • Development of the Wombles Community branding
  • A custom built WordPress website
  • Intuitive way to manage all content updates
  • Fully responsive site to work across all devices
  • Custom asset management portal to protect the IP of the Wombles materials
  • Funtionality to ensure when users log in they only see the assets they are allowed access to - permission level based accessibility
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We delivered...


  • Market research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Workshops
  • Brand audit
  • Digital strategy


  • Brand evolution
  • Visual identity
  • Website UX/UI design


  • Brand application
  • Website development
  • Asset portal
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